Solar Pumping

Make sure you never go thirsty again with solar pump systems from Evergreen, Shurflo and Calvi.

CALVI Solar Bore Pumps
The water from a bore is often pumped into a tank for storage, and then either gravity fed or pressure fed to the property.

CALVI Solar Bore Pumps suit most bore pumping applications. They are a long term economical solution to your bore pumping needs. CALVI Solar Bore Pumps are a quality, reliable and durable pump, which will give you many years of service.

If you have been informed that your bore has a high sand content in the water, or you know that your bore has a high sand content in the water, we can also offer you a solution for this. We know how much inconvenience and damage sand can cause to your pumping system. We recommend that you use one of our turbine pumps with the optional filter. We can supply this filter to you when you purchase your pump. Sand is stirred up, in bores, from water flowing through the underground water systems, and from your bore pump being in the stream of water. This filter will prevent all of the coarse sand, which is mixed with the turbulent water, from entering the pump and the pumping system.

CALVI bore pumps are a cost effective solution for up to 100 m of head, and up to 100 L/min of flow rate. The controller includes a highly efficient maximum power point tracker (MPPT). The controller cables are pre-wired with fool-proof MC4 connectors, that connect directly to the solar array. A comprehensive installation manual is provided and no electrical experience is required to assemble the kits.

CALVI Solar Pool Pumps
CALVI Solar Pool Pumps are especially designed for swimming pool filtration and circulation systems. If you have an existing pool pumping system, simply fit the CALVI pump in parallel with the existing pump, and the CALVI Solar Pool Pump will run all day on the sun. If required, your existing pump can run after hours. If this is a brand new install, or you want to replace an existing AC pump, simply fit the CALVI Solar Pool Pump, where your old AC pump was located

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