5kW Solar

$6984 5.2kW (Zone 3 rebates included) Fully Installed and commissioned.

Our 5kw systems offer fantastic value for money, with quality components and expert installation and advice.

This 5kw system needs about 32sqm of roof space, ideally facing north but you may have the option of dividing your panels up over 2 different directions thanks to this inverter having 2 MPPT trackers.

This means you could put 10 panels facing north, and another 10 panels facing east or west, and not lose the efficiency with an inverter having only 1 MPPT

When you install a 5kw system, you will be able to save @ 7660kWh per year

See an example of a live system performing here


– 5kW SMA-SB5000tl-21 Inverter

– 20 x REC 260 watts solar panels

– Sunlock mounting system


5kW Tilt Frame

5.5kW Solar

5.5kW Solar

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