10kW Commercial Solar Systems

$22900 inc GST Fully Installed and commissioned.

The system attracts the following as a Point Of Sale discount:
Zone 4 184STCs
Zone 3 215STCs

Our current offer on STC value is located on this site minus 1 dollar.

If the rate is $32 you would receive $31 x the zone area above as a rebate off the system price.

Our 10kW systems offer fantastic value for money, with quality components and expert installation and advice.

When you install a 10kW system, you will be able to generate/save @ 15000kWh per year


– 10kW SMA STP10000tl Inverter (3 phase inverter)

– 40x REC 260 watts solar panels (10.4kW)

– Sunlock mounting system


– SMA Web Connect and communication equipment for registration onto Sunny Portal


10kW Ground Mount

My Favorite System 10kW

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