100kW Commercial Solar Systems

$198000 inc GST Fully Installed and commissioned

$227000 inc GST Fully Installed and commissioned Tilt Frame Install.

This system attracts the following as a Point Of Sale discount:
Zone 4 1744STCs (60-70K discount)
Zone 3 2069STCs (70-80k discount)

Our current offer on STC value is located on this site minus 1 dollar. If the rate is $32 you would receive $31 x the zone area above as a rebate off the system price.

There are an enormous amount of variables with these types of installations so be sure to arrange an onsite consultation to get an official quote.

Our 100kW commercial systems offer fantastic value for money, with quality components and expert installation and advice.

When you install one of our commercial 100kW systems, you will be able to generate/save up to 160 mWh per year

Typical Components:

– 100kW SMA 6x STP17000tl 3 phase inverters

– 384x REC 260 watts solar panels (99.84kW)

– Sunlock mounting system

– SMA Webbox and communication equipment for registration onto Sunny Portal

View a time lapse photography of a 100kW system being installed on YouTube here


100kW Tilt frame on SuperMarket

Under the Panels

Under the Panels

AC Cable Run

AC Cable Run

Vent Dodging

Vent Dodging

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